The brand launched its first product called the Bioscarf in 2018 as a way to integrate filters into normal clothing. G95 founder Hazel Solle developed the idea after her husband became sick during a 2015 trip in China. Face masks were the remedy for any traveler or everyday commuter through cities with heavy air pollution, but Solle wanted to change that. “When my husband arrived home and told me what had happened and that these masks were going to be the new normal for travelers and folks who live in big cities around the world.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it and feeling like there had to be something better,” she says.

The company, G95 (formerly Bioscarf) is so committed to sustainability, they began developing a special version of their filtration material after seeing the damage that discarded PPE was doing to our oceans since the pandemic began.

Everything related to the newly developed Oceanshield mask—from the ear loops to the nose bridge—is made entirely using plant-based PLA materials which is 100% biodegradable. This includes the bags they ship in, the individual wrappers for each product, and the G95 filtration technology built-in.

“Several years ago, we began developing a special version of our filtration material. After we saw the damage discarded PPE was doing to our oceans worldwide in 2020, we put things into overdrive to bring that special material to market,” the brand says on its product page.

Dubbed the G95 Oceanshield, the new eco-alternative to the face mask is a rated FFP2 for protection and is meant to biodegrade in 90 days. However, disposing of it isn’t solely on you. The technology apparel start-up offers its signature return system allowing for Oceanshield wearers to return worn facemasks back to the G95 at no cost so it can properly recycle them.

Overall, G95 has a commitment to using sustainable materials such as organic hemp and cotton blend throughout its lightweight, warm-weather products. The Oceanshield mask however, is made with polylactic acid and a bio-based spandex.

Sold in packs of 30, the G95 Oceanshield mask is priced at $79, with deliveries scheduled to commence by the end of August, 2021.

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