Since 2020, the World Records Union – WorldKings has been promoting the world’s unbreakable human and nature records through the Journey to Seek and Promote Immutable World Records. This project is being developed to introduce distinctive values to worldwide visitors using multi-disciplinary records. As a result, member National Record Organizations are executing this Journey on a national scale, seeking and celebrating exceptional Records with unchangeable values of the host country.

Immutable records are phenomena, items, things, works, events, personal achievements….that have appeared, existed, and are almost impossible to replace or change over time. Immutable records frequently include natural features that are unique or almost sustainable across time (such as the World’s Tallest Mountain, World’s Longest River, World’s Largest Desert, and so on) as well as historical, cultural, and social events, works, and achievements… Furthermore, the Immutable Record contains the first element, such as the world’s first ice hotel; the first man to fly into space… was created by man on a global scale. These records are not only positive, but also extremely recognizable for the country and the pride of each citizen.

Aside from the journey to promote the Immutable World Records, WorldKings has also been implementing many other Journeys, such as: Top National Icons in the World; Top Global Famous Destination; Top dishes must try in life; Top breakthrough research works in the world; or Top greatest figures in history…All of these projects aim to introduce and honor the world’s destinations and quintessence in various countries, as well as to foster the desire to explore and conquer to a vast number of people worldwide.

In reality, just a few people have enough time, money, and resources to visit all of the world’s most desirable destinations. However, with today’s great digital transformation, various flexible solutions have been given. Conquering destinations on a digital platform is an interesting option for the group of people who are passionate about travel, love sports, and want to see the world.

As a result, in 2023, the World Records Union – WorldKings will collaborate with member National Record Organizations to organize the Marathon to conquer the Immutable Record and the country’s unique symbolic destination, as well as work on a digital platform integrated with the Celestial Sphere of Records system – WorldSphere.

In the first phase, the first three National Record Organizations, namely the United States, Vietnam, and India, are organizing this Marathon in the Record Holder communities. As a result, the Digital Record system will build and complete platforms to store and process data, encrypt accounts for positioning on the GPS map system when participating, recording routes, achievements, and so on, as well as collect and issue certificates for each destination to participants who complete the challenge.


This is the first time the World Records Union – WorldKings has cooperated with associated entities to develop a digital-based Marathon to conquer  World’s Immutable Records of 200 destinations and 300 World’s destinations – iconic works. This was WorldKings’ previous data warehouse system. As a result, the record holder community in particular, as well as individuals all over the world, will have the opportunity to conquer the heritage, natural landscape, and explore the distinctive culture and cuisine of the World.

In addition to launching the Marathon to conquer the World Records, WorldKings will also transfer the copyright mining of the World’s Immutable Records executed by WorldKings to the Record Holders – World Record Holders. Record holders and record-keeping units are responsible for transforming these materials into training curriculum for Record Holders in the field of Education in all grades and subjects in the scope of Vietnam Records, Asian Records, and World Records. As a result, the parties will collaborate to convert these contents into a digital data system, becoming part of the challenge before releasing the Record to participants, in order to transmit diverse information sources in many sectors to people all over the world via the Record.

Hopefully, the Marathon conquering World Record destinations will be an important step in digitizing resources to reach global visitors, contributing to improving the spirit of sport in the community, while promoting tourism for the countries, becoming an enjoyable experience for participants through an online sports tournament jointly launched by WorldKings for the first time.