Silk is an American brand of dairy-substitute products (including soy milk, soy yogurt, almond milk, almond yogurt, cashew milk, coconut milk, oat milk, and other dairy-alternative products) currently owned by Danone after it purchased WhiteWave Foods in 2016.

Steve Demos established Whitewave Foods in Boulder, Colorado, in 1977, initially concentrating on soy and tofu products. The first product was introduced in March 1996 by WhiteWave, Inc. at the Natural Foods Expo in Anaheim, California. In the years that followed, Silk became a successful, worldwide, organic food brand. In January 2010, the company introduced Silk Pure Almond, an almond milk, and its first non-soy-based product.

Silk is a member of the Soyfoods Association of North America (SANA), which provides information about the health benefits and nutritional advantages of soy consumption.

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