The AIGA Design Conference is a different experience; we push the practice forward by asking provocative questions and challenging designers to think about the future.

Founded in New York City in 1914, AIGA has evolved into a nationwide network of professional designers, educators, students and design enthusiasts.

In 2021, AIGA publishes findings from the AIGA Design Point of View (POV), a survey of the design community and a comprehensive investigation into the state of the profession at the intersection of business and design.

To meet the needs of members during the pandemic, AIGA hosted virtual events such as the Design + Business Conference, Portfolio Festival, and the Design Conference, along with webinars and virtual member meetups, leaning into the knowledge that design is fueling growth, delivering brand loyalty, and creating cultural impact.

Professional development and lifelong learning are critical for design professionals, and to advance the profession, AIGA launched a new Certificates for Creatives program as the first step in building the AIGA learning portfolio.

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