The Climate Museum initiative was conceived of in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Climate Museum founder and director Miranda Massie was at the time serving as the Interim Director of the New York Lawyers for the Public Interest (NYLPI). Her work in civil rights led her to see climate change through the lens of social activism. Massie left NYLPI in March 2014 to found the Climate Museum Launch Project.

The Climate Museum is creating a culture for action on climate, inviting people from all walks of life into the conversation and building community around just solutions. Most people in the US are worried about the climate crisis, but stay silent and inactive. Building on the popularity and trust held by museums, the museum organizers bring people together to learn about solutions and join the fight for a brighter future, providing multiple pathways into civic engagement.

The museum’s exhibitions provide updated, research-based facts on the Earth’s current climate. It explains the different natural and man-made influences on climate change, what we stand to lose and the consequences of various scenarios for the future. At the same time, visitors will gain insight into how they can help stop climate change and what their role in the fight against climate change can be.

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