In recent years, Burger King has been going big with limited-edition “Super One Pound” burgers that take the chain’s signature Whopper burger to new extremes. However, now, in the heat of summer when most people can’t stomach the thought of eating four beef patties, the chain is looking to entice customers with a new take on the Whopper that’s designed to cool us down instead.

The Ice Whopper will be sold as part of a special “Natsukoi Set” (“Summer Love Set“) that includes an Ice Whopper and an “Ice Bottle”, which is what they’re calling a frozen bottle of Coca-Cola.

While some might argue that adding ice to a burger is a crime against the burger-loving community, Burger King clearly thinks it’s a risk worth taking. Given the popularity of kakigori shaved ice treats in Japan during summer, and the location of the pop-up store where the burgers will be sold — in a sandy beach hut right on the beach — the chain won’t have any problems enticing customers to take an icy bite out of an Ice Whopper, especially as it’s the first time local beaches have opened in around three years after being closed due to the pandemic.

The burger is only available in limited quantities, though, and via advance reservation online, priced at 1,000 yen (US$7.51) per set. The set will be available at a pop-up stall at Umi no Ie Oasis on the Morito Kaigan beach in Kanagawa Prefecture on 19 and 20 August.

According to Source of photo: internet