The Wooster Brush Company was established in 1851 and is one of the oldest manufacturers of paint applicators in the USA. The company founder Adam Foss traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio to set up shop in Wooster, Ohio the same city as the company headquarters today.

The company founder Adam Foss traveled from Pennsylvania to Ohio to set up shop. He began producing handmade bristle paintbrushes in a small, two-story building in Wooster, Ohio, and then sold the brushes door-to-door throughout the state.

The Wooster Brush Company acquired land on Madison Avenue in 1909, and a new factory was built. The structure was 70-feet wide and 200-feet long, providing three times as much floor space as before. The Madison Avenue site in Wooster, Ohio is still the location of company headquarters today. The invention of the angle sash brush, the first use of synthetic brush filament, and the production of synthetic paint rollers, now all industry standards, happened first here in Wooster. The company makes over 2,000 products sold around the world.

More than 550 employees make up the workforce and many are long-term staff. The average current tenure is 16 years. Throughout its history, Wooster Brush has had 15 employees who have reached their 50-year milestone. The company is noted for stability in management and its workforce. It has never had a layoff. In its 172-year history, the privately owned company has had only nine presidents.

Wooster has continued this tradition of ground-breaking development and today is known as the top applicator innovator. Some of the most popular brands of painting equipment on the market are made by The Wooster Brush Company. Each year, the company designs more new products than any other high-quality applicator manufacturer.

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