Dive into the rich heritage of the South Pacific and spend the day wandering through 42 acres of tropical splendor at Polynesian Cultural Center. Enjoy a variety of activities that will help you get a close look at the region’s culture and traditions and learn plenty of fascinating facts about Hawaii. 

On this day trip, you will get to visit authentic local villages and mingle with the natives, indulge in a  sumptuous buffet of local delicacies, watch the famous “Ha~ Breath of Life Show” and more! Choose from several package options and benefit from convenient pick up and drop off from your hotel in Waikiki.

Hā–Breath of Life

In addition to the daytime exhibits and demonstrations, PCC features an evening show for an additional charge. As of 2009 the show is a multicultural Polynesian show titled Hā–Breath of Life which The New York Times described as “a vivid, energetic production that highlights song and dance from the indigenous cultures of the South Pacific”.The show features songs and dances from throughout Polynesia, including the hula, tamure, otea, titi torea, haka, poi, meke, tauʻolunga, and Taualuga.

Huki: A Canoe Celebration

The Lagoon hosts a parade of canoes that showcases the signature dances of each of Polynesian culture. The current show, “Huki: A Canoe Celebration”, which premiered in August 2018, was preceded by “Rainbows of Paradise”, “This is Polynesia” and “Ancient Legends of Polynesia”.


Each of the major Polynesian cultures has its own section, centered on a traditional village. Hourly performances and cultural learning experiences take place in these villages. Villages include: Hawaii, Samoa, Fiji…

Gateway Dinner Buffet

This delicious dinner buffet is available from 4:30PM to 7:00PM, and with over 30 different dishes featuring cuisine from across the Pacific and beyond, it has the largest variety of food of any buffet in Hawaii. Try various Polynesian and Pan-Pacific cuisine, as well as tasty treats for kids.

“Ha: Breath of Life” Night Show

Sit back and watch this evening show featuring over 100 performers from all across Polynesia with incredible special effects and video projections The show tells the story of Mana, a young Polynesian boy, and his growth into a man over the years as he visits the different island of Polynesia.

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