Credit Karma is an American multinational personal finance company founded in 2007, which has been a brand of Intuit since December 2020. It is best known as a free credit and financial management platform, but its features also include free tax preparation, monitoring of unclaimed property databases and a tool to identify and dispute credit report errors. The company operates in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Credit Karma also provides tax filing, loans, credit cards, identity theft protection, and credit tools, such as a Credit Score Simulator which simulates the effect of potential financial actions on a user’s credit score; and tailored financial recommendations based on each user’s credit profile.

All of Credit Karma’s services are free to consumers. Revenue from targeted advertisements for financial products offsets the costs of its free products and services. Credit Karma earns revenue from lenders, who pay the company when Credit Karma successfully recommends customers to the lenders.

Kenneth Lin, who previously founded Multilytics Marketing and worked with E-Loan and Upromise, launched Credit Karma in 2007 with co-founders Ryan Graciano and Nichole Mustard. The website went live in February 2008. In December 2020, Intuit acquired Credit Karma for approximately $7.1 billion.

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