Rushmore Mountain Coaster

It is a roller coaster that features one and two-person carts that are securely connected to rails that silently wind through the trees and over the mountainside.  All riders and their carts will stay securely on the track at all times with each person wearing a seatbelt.  The individually controlled carts of the mountain coaster have been designed to reach speeds of nearly 30 miles per hour with tight, exhilarating turns.  If you are a daredevil, you can go all out and reach top speeds, but if you are the nervous type, you can pull back on the brake, control the speed and experience Black Hills vistas in a whole new way.

Rush Mountain is also home to Rushmore Cave

Journey into an unseen world on a guided walking tour and discover stalactite-filled caverns.  Learn about the geology that formed the world-renowned Black Hills cave systems. Tours leave regularly. No reservations required. The last tour leaves 1 hour before close.

Wingwalker Challenge Course!

Ever wanted to be a ninja warrior?  Or maybe a stunt double?  Get ready to test your inner daredevil!  The Wingwalker Challenge Course is 3 levels of high flying obstacles and challenges that test your skills, balance, agility, and fearlessness!  There’s even a mini one for the youngest adventurers.

Soaring Eagle Zip ride

Soar through the air like an eagle on this unique zipline attraction.  This family-friendly attraction lets you experience the sensation of flying while accelerating 630 feet down the mountainside on a suspended cable.  You can even share the fun with a friend on the comfortable side-by-side seats.  The excitement doesn’t end at the bottom though, because this unique ride then pulls you back up the hill. One unique fact about this zipline is that it is not a hanging harness system. You will sit in a formed seat with a seat belt, which allows riders of all ages to share in the excitement!

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