Todoist is highly rated for a reason. It is one of the most comprehensive time management apps available. Because the app was first developed in 2007, it has a wide range of features that have been built out over time, keeping its user base in mind.

30Todoist has features for both personal and professional use, so it’s handy whether you are looking to set personal goals or launch a new business offering. Create and track tasks (and subtasks), easily delegate duties to others, and see everything on your plate all at a quick glance, making prioritizing and communicating even easier.

There is a free offering, but its features are fairly limited, meaning some may need to upgrade to a pro membership for about $4 per month ($8 for business use). Todoist is available on basically every device out there, from iOS to Android, macOS, Windows, and more, so you can seamlessly transition between your phone and computer.

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