Great American Cookie Co., doing business as Great American Cookies, is an American chain of independently owned and operated franchised stores that specialize in gourmet cookies, especially cookie cakes. It has over 290 stores in the U.S., particularly in the Southeast as well as Puerto Rico and Guam, most commonly located in malls. 

Like many large companies in the United States, Great American Cookies has a storied past and humble beginnings. It was founded by future CEO Michael J. Coles and partner Arthur Karp, who each invested $4,000 to develop a business selling cookies on the strength of a family recipe passed on to Karp’s wife. That same year the first store opened in Atlanta’s Perimeter Mall.

The first store in Perimeter Mall became successful in its first month, and the company first became franchised the year after its opening. By 1985, the company had revenue of $100 million per year and was the largest retail cookie chain in the U.S.

Great American Cookies’ cookies are unique. They’re flat, yet soft and chewy. It’s rare to find such a cookie, but thanks to a family member of one of the co-founders, millions of people have been able to enjoy them.

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