The Dartmouth was first published in Hanover, New Hampshire, on August 27, 1799, by Moses Davis “on College Plain” under the name the Dartmouth Gazette. The first articles of the Dartmouth Gazette focused on local news, but also printed two pages of foreign and national news.

The Dartmouth Gazette changed its name to The Dartmouth Daily and then The Dartmouth as the newspaper was published more regularly. It also started to create a greater emphasis on news of Dartmouth College, rather than news of a national import. Financially, Dartmouth was self-sustaining through a subscription revenue model.

Today, the newspaper, commonly known as The D, is the campus’s only daily newspaper and is free for students. The offices of The Dartmouth are located on the second floor of Robinson Hall, where over 200 student staff members contribute to the paper weekly either through the editorial or business staffs. 

On the editorial side, applicants can apply to write for any of the various content sections, which include news, opinion, arts, media, sports, and news magazine “The Mirror”. They can also to work on the photography, graphics, design or copyediting staff. Students are asked to submit an application before interviewing with current staff. On the business side, students can apply for the advertising, strategy, communications and marketing, or product development sections. Applicants are asked to submit an application before interviewing with current staff. 

The Dartmouth publishes two weekly supplements, “Big Green Sports Weekly” on Mondays and “The Dartmouth Mirror” on Wednesdays.

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