Sky Zone was founded in 2004 by entrepreneur Rick Platt in the Las Vegas Valley. Platt originally intended for the trampoline courts to be used as part of a new sport with professional athletes. Platt spent US$2 million to build a 17,000 square foot (1,600 m2) trampoline arena in Las Vegas and to hire athletes for the sport, which would have included rotating hoops and mid-air acrobatics. 

The sport failed to generate interest, but local skateboarders learned of the facility and wanted to bounce on the court, prompting Platt to charge admission. Within six months, the facility had hosted 10,000 visitors.

Typical Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Parks consist of several trampoline courts, which have trampolines for floors and walls. Some Sky Zone parks include non-trampolining activities such as climbing, ninja warrior courses, slides, zip lines, toddler zones, challenge courses, and stunt bags.

Larger courts allow for many visitors to bounce and jump simultaneously, while smaller courts are used for games of baseball and basketball, where players can bounce around to avoid being hit by other players’ throws. Some courts allow visitors to bounce into a pit filled with foam blocks; others feature basketball goals placed above trampolines, permitting visitors to bounce and slam dunk balls into the goals. Some centers have started exercise classes using the trampoline courts.

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