Dr. Galen Hunter, a Vermont native, established The Village Apothecary Shop in 1838, although he did not operate the store himself. His employee, Clarence Otis Bigelow, purchased the business in 1880, eight years after Hunter’s death, and renamed it C. O. Bigelow Apothecaries. He subsequently built the Bigelow Building at 414 Sixth Avenue, and in 1902 the pharmacy moved into the new location where it has remained ever since.

Mr. Ginsberg’s grandfather and his brother-in-law bought the drugstore in 1939. Over the last 180 years, the Ginsberg family has amassed over 10,000 pharmaceutical and beauty items, including original prescription and recipe books from the 1800s; tablet rollers; old photographs; and mid-20th-century cosmetics packaging.

Due to its longevity and popularity, C. O. Bigelow was honored with a Village Award from the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation in 2002.

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