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Oldest National Park : Yellowstone National Park

With a flourish of the pen, Ulysses S. Grant changed where kids spend their summer vacations forever when he created the world's first national park

The highest paying job in US

Looking for a career change? A new survey has the best paid jobs in the country, but some job hunters could be forgiven for not knowing what people with some of the highflying job titles on the list actually do.

The Oldest Airport in US

You won't be seeing any A-380s touching down at College Park Airport

list of 10 beaches popular for family in US

If you need help planning the perfect beach vacation this summer, Dr. Beach has the spot for you.

Most Memorable Places to Propose

what’s a guy  to do to make it memorable? 

The large shopping mall most popular in US

Large shopping malls across the United States are often tourist destinations 


TOYOTA PRIUS (HYBRID),This little hybrid is as popular in Europe as it is in the United States

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[TOP – BEST PRODUCTS 2023] TOP 100 outstanding OCOP- certified products in Vietnam (P.80) Hung Vuong dried baby shrimp (Nam Dinh province)

The Vietnam Records Organization has formally proposed to the World Records Institute (WorldMark) and the USA Records Organization (USKings) beginning the Journey to nominate TOP...

The US successfully transmitted solar power from space to Earth

A satellite launched by the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has successfully received and transmitted solar power back to Earth, the first time solar...

Chinese American International School (California) : The first Mandarin-English dual-language immersion school in the United States

Chinese American International School (CAIS) is a private, independent school in San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood. Founded in 1981, with just ten students in...

(Uskings) Top Greatest People in the United States history – P61 – Claude Shannon (Michigan): The Forgotten Inventor of the Digital Age

Claude Elwood Shannon (April 30, 1916 – February 24, 2001) was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, computer scientist and cryptographer known as the "father...