The history of CHS began in 1931 with the founding of the Farmers Union Central Exchange in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Later, the core cooperative company became Cenex, from the combination of the last two words in its previous name.

In 1998, Cenex merged with Harvest States Cooperatives to form Cenex Harvest States. In 2003, the cooperative changed its legal name to CHS Inc.

As a farmer-owned cooperative, CHS connects growers to consumers around the world. CHS purchase grain from a network of cooperatives and farmer-owners and match it with the needs of domestic and global food and feed customers in 65 countries. CHS also manufactures and distributes a variety of Cenex® brand energy products and offers crop inputs through wholesale and retail operations in more than 450 communities in the United States to help farmers grow healthy, profitable crops.

CHS is a cooperative, which means it’s governed by the farmers and local cooperatives that own it. CHS owners have elected 17 full-time farmers or ranchers to serve on the CHS Board of Directors, representing eight regions from across the country. The number of directors representing each region is determined by business volume and the number of farmers, ranchers and cooperatives in the area.

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