The Kids Plaza Pregnant Mothers & Babies chain stores – supermarkets of Kids Plaza Joint Stock Company is one of the leading units in Vietnam in the field of providing baby and maternity products, with 11 years accompanying generations of Vietnamese’s pregnant mothers on the journey to protect and nurture their babies.

In 2020, with the motto "To be better today than yesterday" and continuing the mission of assisting pregnant mothers, Kids Plaza organized a special journey called "Kids Plaza – helping pregnant moms to cultivate the future!", with the highlight is the event of more than 2016 pregnant mothers practice yoga online together through Webex Meeting application in order to multiply and spread the spirit of healthy pregnancy community to the world.


Mr.Hoang Thai Tuan Anh – Secretary General of VietKings' office in the North announce Authorization Letter from WorldKings. (Photo : VietKings)


Through Webex Meeting application, which Kids Plaza bought the rights, 2000 pregnant mothers were connected online and divided into 87 virtual rooms corresponding to 87 managed computers, each virtual room displays 24 people. The server system will record the signals of more than 2000 pregnant mothers practicing yoga at the same time under the guidance of Coach Gurdev Singh, Vice President of Asia Yoga Federation and Ms. Do Thi Duyen – General Director of KidsPlaza Joint Stock Company.


Dr.Le Doan Hop – Former Minister of the Information and Communications, a member of WorldKings Council and Dr.Ngo Quang Xuan – Former Ambassador Vietnam in United Nations, a member of WorldKings Council awarded world record to representatives of Kids Plaza Joint Stock Company. (photo: VietKings)


The number of connections was a success, recorded by the Supervisory Board of Vietnam Record Organization is 2016. The yoga exercise was done within 25 minutes.

Some photographs of this event :







Accordimg to  World Records Union (WorldKings)