For those unaware, InWith Corporation specializes in Ophthalmic and MEMS (Microelectronic Mechanical Systems) technologies.

According to InWith, an electronic contact lens platform designed for the masses could be the ultimate way to view the future metaverse enabling an easy transition from real-world to Metaverse, at will.

The first applications of the technology will be “tunable vision” via mobile device and “augmented vision” coupled with mobile device control. The company claims the technology could allow developers to place augmented vision display chip applications into any soft hydrogel contact lenses that millions of people wear daily.

According to CEO Michael Hayes, the lenses will have the ability to help people who suffer from Presbyopia (the loss of your eyes’ ability to focus on nearby objects) by adjusting to different situations in real-time, thus removing their need for multifocals or reading glasses.

Until now, InWith is the only company thus far, to publicly display this capability to integrate component circuitry into modern, soft contact lens materials.

InWith is planning to achieve FDA Breakthrough Clearance this year and to put the futuristic contact lenses on the market shortly thereafter. However, the exact date has not been confirmed yet.

According to Source of photo: internet