(uskings.us) More romantic than Father’s Day with less pressure than Valentine’s Day, Husband Appreciation Day is observed on the third Saturday in April. Also known as National Husband Day or World Husband Day, love this little-known holiday dedicated to the men in your lives who show up for you in bold and subtle ways every day of the year.

In the past, in many cultures, husbands were expected to be the breadwinners of the family, going out to work each day to bring in the money needed to support their families.

Looking back even further, even before there was a paycheck to be earned, the husband was the hunter of the hunter-gatherer set. That meant that bringing home the bacon was even more literal than it became when it merely referred to the money they earned to buy the bacon!

Now, anyone who lives in today’s world (which is basically everyone) knows that the reality of the single-earner family is less common in our day to day existence. Instead, it is often found that both partners work or, in some cases, it is the wife who works outside the home and brings home the paycheck. This is why the term ‘house-husband’ was developed for the stay at home male partner.

Truly, however, the most important role of a husband isn’t the money they bring in or even the work they do taking care of the home and the family. What is most important is the love and support they give to their partners! This emotional element is so much more important than anything else they do, and they are as tireless in this as in all other things.

Husband Appreciation Day was created as the perfect opportunity to acknowledge all of these things and more. Take some time to be creative about celebrating this day!

According to daysoftheyear. Source of photos: internet