The Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA) is composed of one billion words as of November 2021. The corpus is constantly growing: In 2009 it contained more than 385 million words;  In 2010 the corpus grew in size to 400 million words; By March 2019, the corpus had grown to 560 million words.

As of November 2021, the Corpus of Contemporary American English is composed of 485,202 texts. According to the corpus website,  the current corpus (November 2021) is composed of texts that include 24-25 million words for each year 1990-2019.

For each year contained in the corpus (1990-2019), the corpus is evenly divided between six registers/genres: TV/movies, spoken, fiction, magazine, newspaper, and academic (see Texts and Registers page of the COCA website). In addition to the six registers that were previously listed, COCA (as of November 2021) also contains 125,496,215 words from blogs, and 129,899,426 from websites, making it a corpus that is truly composed of contemporary English (see Texts and Register page of COCA).

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