A woman from Milwaukee “couldn’t believe” that she and her three siblings set a World Record for their combined ages. 

Geraldine Bulger, 100, told CBS 58 she was getting used to being a record-holder after learning she and her siblings have the highest combined age achieved by four siblings in the world. 

“I just accepted it. At first I just couldn’t believe it,” she told the outlet.

Geraldine, along with her siblings, Marjorie, 97, Robert, 93 and Richard, 92, have a combined age of nearly 384 years when you include the days until their birthdays, Guinness World Records told USA TODAY via email. 

The record was verified on Nov. 8. The siblings were all born to Walter and Anne Goebel.

“It’s just remarkable that they’re all in fairly good health for their ages. We’re blessed. I’m afraid I’m going to live that long!” Geraldine’s daughter, Ginny, told CBS 58. 

Geraldine lives in a retirement community, which celebrated her achievement on Monday. 

As for the secret to living a long life, Geraldine told the CBS station, “Eat good vegetables and don’t try to get too skinny!”

According to usatoday.com. Source of photo: internet