Zero USV, a collaboration between Marine AI and MSubs, is set to offer the world’s first fully autonomous uncrewed surface vessel (USV) fleet.

The 38’x7.6’x5.8′ vessels, known as Oceanus12, will have a twin-electric drive and a hybrid powertrain, coupled with Marine AI’s GuardianAI autonomy software stack. The company says the Oceanus12 will be a fully autonomous “turnkey” package.

The four-ton aluminum monohull cruises at six knots and can sprint at 10 knots. On a fuel capacity of 317 gals., the company expects the Oceanus12 can travel over 2,000 nautical miles.  

Matthew Ratsey, Zero USV’s managing director, spoke to the vessel’s adaptability in a company statement.

“We believe that we are in a unique position, with our company backgrounds and experience, to bring together the technologies required to offer clients an ‘off the shelf’ autonomous vessel, whilst also being able to offer customization where necessary for specific jobs or clients,” he said. “There has long been a requirement for proper ‘over the horizon’ capable USVs to fulfil a whole host of roles, but pulling the relevant technologies together has been extremely difficult for vessel operators. Zero USV solves that.” 

Designed for harsh environments, the Oceanus12 offers payload flexibility and minimizes human error, the company said. Its suite of marine sensors, including the W-band Navtech Radar, feeds real-time data into the GuardianAI software, ensuring COLREG-compliant navigation.

The company sees the Oceanus12’s versatility extending into a variety of sectors, from geophysical surveying and offshore oil exploration to fisheries science and defense.

Manor Marine, Castletown, UK, will complete the USV build, integrating electronics, sensors, and software.

The company expects a delivery date of September 2024.

According to Source of photo: internet