THE world’s biggest Christmas fanatics have broken their own world record, putting up 555 trees and more than 100,000 baubles.

The achievement was confirmed this morning after an examiner visited the house and counted all the trees – while the couple waited nervously.

Thomas and Susanne Jeromin, from Germany, started decorating in June in order to achieve the spectacular feat.

Thomas said for him “Christmas means the whole year,” and is delighted with the achievement.

No room was left untouched by festive cheer and even the bedroom and bathroom were decorated.

Although the pair already held the record – which stood at 444 trees they were ambitious to go even further.

“We have expanded, there are now 89 trees in the new room alone,” boasted Susanne.

But Thomas added no particular skill set is required and said: “Anyone can simply decorate.”

The 57-year-old chef’s passion for collecting began 12 years ago, and he has now passed it on to his wife. 

The pair even have a rigorous decorating schedule and “decorate from 3 p.m. until the evening and even on weekends.”

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