Veolia Water (formerly Vivendi Water, originally Compagnie Générale des Eaux), is the water division of the French company Veolia Environnement and the world’s largest supplier of water services.

In 2009, the group posted revenues of €12.56 billion. Of this, 72.9% of turnover comes from Europe; 7.4% from the Americas, 8.5% from Africa, Middle East and India, and 11.2% from the Asia-Pacific region. The Compagnie Générale des Eaux (CGE) was created in 1853. In 1889, its first research laboratory was established at 52, rue d’Anjou in Paris, France. Veolia Water’s headquarters are still located at this site.

Veolia Water’s activities can be grouped into two main areas: providing clean drinking water, and collecting and treating waste water/sewerage water. Drinking water Veolia Water sources, treats, stores and transports water from the environment (surface water deposits, rivers and subterranean aquifers) for distribution to populations. Veolia Water supplies nearly 95 million people around the world with drinking water.

Waste water treatment

A sewage treatment plant in Portugal Veolia Water collects and then treats water in line with national and international regulations. Different treatments are provided depending on the level of pollution. Afterwards, the water re-enters the water cycle. Veolia Water delivers water treatment services to 68 million people around the world and, as of 2009, it managed 3,229 municipal water treatment plants.

Other services

Veolia Water produces water for industrial processes, and offers treatment, heating, cooling and cleaning applications for industry.