RS Sailing is an international designer, builder and supplier of sailboats and dinghies and associated goods and services supported by a worldwide dealer network and class associations.

RS Sailing is the largest small boat manufacturer in the world. The current RS range contains 19 dinghies and related parts and fittings, as well as clothing, footwear, hats, caps, bags and other kit.

The RS range includes All Purpose Boats (the RS Tera, RS Quba, RS Zest, RS Neo, RS Feva, RS Quest, RS Vision and RS Venture) for beginners, families, sailing clubs and schools. 


The Performance Boats are the RS100, RS200, RS300, RS400, RS500, RS600, RS700, RS800, RS Vareo, the new RS Aero and the RS Elite is a racing keel boat. 

The Performance Boats have been created to make modern high performance sailing available to a huge range of sailors, and includes single handers and two person skiffs. Offering sailors competitive one-design racing, RS Events take place throughout the UK and internationally for some RS classes.

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