On 18 February 2006, the record for the longest road train is 1,474.3 m (4,836 ft 11 in) where a single Mack Titan prime mover, driven by John Atkinson (Australia), towed 113 trailers for a distance of approximately 150 m (490 ft) in an event sponsored by Hogs Breath Café, in Clifton, Queensland, Australia.

This length is the equivalent of 156 London buses.

This truck is for the most part a custom form truck and appended with 28 axles and a hundred wheels. This truck is particularly reasonable for byway regions for its carrying capacity.

The Australian road train truck is basically used to convey a gigantic measure of material to the mining organizations and homesteads.

The gearbox of 18-speed and the motor of 550 HP with a huge amount of fuel, causes a great deal to run the road train, the greatest truck ever.

According to trucks-gallery.com