The North East line (NEL) is the shortest Mass Rapid Transit line in Singapore. It is a high-capacity line, and runs from HarbourFront in the south-west to Punggol in the north-east. It is 19.2 kilometres (11.9 mi) long with 16 stations, and a full journey from one end to the other takes 33 minutes. The line is coloured purple on the rail map.


First opened on 20 June 2003, it is the third line in the Singapore MRT system. It is the first MRT line in the network to use fully automated and driverless trains, and is also the world's first fully underground and high-capacity driverless rapid transit line to use conventional steel-wheel technology (as opposed to the rubber-tyred, medium-capacity technology found in systems like VAL). 

The North East Line is also the first line to feature Art in Transit across all 16 stations and full Wireless@SG coverage in all 16 stations. It is the first MRT line to be operated by SBS Transit. It is also the first MRT line to run entirely underground.

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