Calgon Carbon Corporation is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based company that manufactures and markets products that remove contaminants and odors from liquids and gases, both for industrial, municipal, and consumer markets. 

Calgon Carbon's product lines typically use activated carbon in various forms, UV light technology, or ion exchange technology, and the company is the largest producer of granular activated carbon (GAC) in the world. The company also offers reactivation services, wherein activated carbon can be recycled.

Originally formed as the Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical Company in the 1940s, the company's main operations are currently centered in North America with branches overseas such as Chemviron Carbon in Europe, Calgon Carbon Japan KK in Japan, Calgon Carbon Thailand Ltd. in Thailand, and Hyde Marine, Inc.  

As of 2015 Calgon Carbon operates fifteen facilities for manufacturing, reactivation, and equipment in the US, Asia, and Europe, and employs around 1,100 people.  In early 2015 the company moved their headquarters from the Pittsburgh suburb of Robinson to nearby Moon Township.

Calgon Carbon was acquired by Kuraray in March of 2018.

Calgon Carbon manufactures and markets a number of filtration products using either activated carbon, UV light technology, or ion exchange technology. There are products for the purification of air, drinking water, wastewater, foods and beverages, and pharmaceuticals, as well as odor control and "pollution abatement." Other products treat or purify landfill leachate, sweeteners, glycerin, and cigarette smoke.

The company also provides granular activated carbon and activated carbon cloth for the production of respirators and "personal protection apparel," and powdered activated carbon for energy storage products such as batteries and what it calls "ultra capacitors." 

Various forms of carbon are used for residential water filtration, pond and aquarium cleaning, and removal of impurities during the manufacturing process of vitamins. The company also serves "industrial processes" applications such as liquid chemicals, catalyst support, gas and water processing, ultrapure water, and bio-based chemicals.

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