In February 2016, a fertilizer production plant dedicated entirely to Africa was inaugurated at Jorf Lasfar, the African Fertilizer Complex. This plant with a budget on the order of MAD 5.3 billion includes a sulfuric acid unit (1.4 million metric tons/year), a phosphoric acid unit (450,000 metric tons/year), a fertilizer unit (1 million metric tons DAP equivalent/year), a 62 MW thermoelectric power plant, and storage infrastructure with a capacity of 200,000 metric tons.

The OCP Jorf Lasfar chemical platform is the largest fertilizer complex in the world. With JFC 2, the African Fertilizer Complex, and JFC 3, the JFC 4 production unit will bring fertilizer production to 12 million metric tons per year in 2018, making OCP the largest fertilizer exporter in the world. 

Connected to the Slurry Pipeline, JFC 4 will be fully integrated and have its own thermoelectric plant. These plants not only make Jorf Lasfar completely energy self-sufficient, they also create an energy surplus that fuels the complex’s sea water desalination station.

By 2025, it will produce 75 million m3 of desalinated water per year, supplying all Jorf Lasfar’s water needs in addition to supplying the city of El Jadida with 15 million m3 per year.

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