Boyoma Falls, located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is the largest waterfall by flow rate in the world. It falls at approximately 600,000 cubic feet of water per second over 7 separate cataracts. 

These sections of the falls are spread for more than 62 miles and drop approximately 200 feet over the Lualaba River between the cities of Kisangani and Ubundu. The water from these falls flows into the Congo River. 

The two major cataracts are the first below Ubundu, forming a narrow and crooked stream that is hardly accessible, and the last that can be seen and visited from Kisangani. At the bottom of the rapids, the Lualaba is known as the Congo River. A 1m-gauge portage railway bypasses the series of rapids, connecting Kisangani and Ubundu.

The last of the seven cataracts of the Boyoma Falls is also known as the Wagenia Falls (French: chutes Wagenia), referring to the local Wagenya fishermen, who have developed a special technique to fish in the river. 

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