This is the fourth record of Sun World Fansipan Legend. Rose valley has the area of 50.000 square meters, stretching along the Muong Hoa Mount ‘s railway, with over 300,000 roots of 150 different kinds of rose plants in Sapa, Vietnam and the world.

There are many kinds of rose plants in Vietnam, includes : rose plant of Sapa, Hue, Hai Phong, Son La, Van Khoi, Dieu, ect…. Interspersed among the ancient roses are the original flower imported from England, France, Japan …, famous as "million-dollar rose" Juliet, Aoi rose, Black Baccarat rose, Catalina, Golden Celebration, Maurice Utrillo, Rouge Royale, Éclair, Spirit of Freedom …

In particular, among the types of persimmons at Fansipan is the famous and most valuable Ecuadorian variety in the world. This variety has been successfully grown by tourist resorts from the Ecuadorian roses cut branches imported to Vietnam, has been soaked in preservatives and seems impossible to regenerate.

This flower is believed to originate from Europe, brought by the French to this land with ancient roses in Sapa. Sa Pa climbing roses are small only about 2-3cm, clustered, sometimes hundreds of flowers bloom on a tiny branch to create flower streams and flower cascades on the slopes on both sides of the climbing train. Red climbing roses often flower only once every year around April and May, creating a tourist season in Sapa to see roses blooming, attracting many tourists.

Dr..Thang Van Phuc – Former Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, Chairman of the Vietnam Record Association (2nd from the right) awarded the Vietnam Record Certificate to Mr. Nguyen Xuan Chien – Director of Sun World Fansipan Legend and BLD Company


Mr. Nguyen Xuan Chien – Sun World Fansipan Legend director shared: "We have cherished creating a rose destination in Sa Pa for a long time, but the soil, experience and even weather difficulties in Fansipan has created a lot of barriers. After a lot of failures, especially with the cultivation of rare and precious infrared varieties, Sun World Fansipan Legend was able to own the Rose Valley of Vietnam.