The company’s milestones:

1903 – Rockwell Automation began in 1903 as the Compression Rheostat Company. It was founded by Lynde Bradley and Dr. Stanton Allen with an initial investment of $1000.

1904 – The company’s first patented product was a carbon disc compression-type motor controller for industrial cranes. The crane controller was demonstrated at the St. Louis World’s Fair.

1909 – The company was renamed the Allen-Bradley Company.

During the 1920s – The company grew its miniature rheostat business to support the burgeoning radio industry. By the middle of the decade, nearly 50 percent of the company’s sales were attributed to the radio department.

1924 – As radio skyrockets, manufacturers order millions of Allen‑Bradley rheostats

1934 – The first solenoid starter with a single moving part creates a sensation.

1935 – Allen‑Bradley engineers invent hot-molded fixed resistors, revolutionizing electronics

1965 – Company launches the Sonic Sifter product, used by NASA to sift moon dust.

1969 – Allen‑Bradley components go to the moon and back with the NASA Apollo 11 mission.

1970 – Allen‑Bradley pioneers the programmable logic controller (PLC)

1979 – Introduce Data Highway, the first plant-floor network that replaces miles of wiring.

1981 – NASA chooses Allen‑Bradley components for its American Space Shuttle fleet.

1994 – Merges with ICOM to create Rockwell Software®.

2001 – The company is officially renamed Rockwell Automation.

2013 – First cloud-based mobile access to plant floor data via smartphone.

November 2020 – The company announced plans to achieve a new net zero carbon neutral goal (Scopes 1 and 2) by 2030.

2021 – The company announced the establishment of a new Cybersecurity Operations Center in Israel.

June 2022 – The Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) in New Hampshire opened the Rockwell Experience Center, where physicians and researchers can learn how smart manufacturing can speed up the delivery of regenerative medicine products. Also, Rockwell Automation opened a new smart manufacturing software facility in Pune, India.

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