It is known for its small, square hamburgers referred to as “sliders”. The burgers were initially priced at five cents until 1929 and remained at 10 cents until 1949. In the 1940s, White Castle periodically ran promotional ads in local newspapers which contained coupons offering five burgers for ten cents, takeout only. In 2014, Time named the White Castle slider “The Most Influential Burger of All Time”.

The company’s milestones:

1921 – White Castle was founded in Wichita, Kansas, as the “World’s first hamburger chain”. The restaurant was founded by Edgar Waldo “Billy” A. Ingram.

1925 – The company  began publishing its own internal employee magazine, the White Castle Official House Organ, circa November 1925 (it was originally named The Hot Hamburger)

1926 – Billy invented the idea of restaurant “carry-out” and unveils the tagline “Selling’em by the Sack”.

1931 – White Castle became the first fast-food restaurant to advertise in a newspaper.

1932 – White Castle incorporated its first subsidiary, the Paperlynen Company, to manufacture paper hats worn by White Castle employees.

1934 – White Castle created a subsidiary named Porcelain Steel Buildings that manufactured movable, prefabricated, steel frame structures with porcelain enamel interior and exterior panels that could be assembled at any of its restaurant sites.

1947 – Cincinnati Castle operator Earl Howell introduces the idea of adding five holes to the patty, helping it to cook faster and add more flavor.

1960 – The Crave hits primetime with the very first White Castle television commercial.

1962 – Forty-one years after opening, the chain takes a calculated and add first new menu item: the cheeseburger.

1980 – The chain introduces its first drive-thru service.

1996 – The website is launched.

2012 – White Castle introduces online ordering perfect for parties and catering.

September 2015 – White Castle began to offer Veggie Sliders with dairy-free buns to provide a vegan option.

2018 – White Castle began offering plant-based meat Impossible Burgers designed to closely mimic the flavor and texture of beef burgers.

2020 – White Castle began testing an automated cooking robot called Flippy in a number of its Chicago-area stores, and then equipped a larger number of locations with the updated Flippy 2 model in November of 2021.

2021 – The Orlando location opened. It is the world’s largest White Castle, located on Daryl Carter Parkway off Interstate 4. The opening coincided with White Castle’s 100th anniversary.

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