Glass Beach is a fascinating site that has been naturally transformed from a century-old trash site into a multicolored treasure chest. Over the years, the sea’s waves churning against the sands have smoothed the edges of car batteries, bottles and cans, turning them into a rainbow of translucent colors. Capture photos of this extraordinary beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Choose your favorite colors among the ruby reds and bright blues. Inspect these fascinating gems, before leaving them on the beach for others to discover. Consider the origins of the various stones. Sapphire gems come from apothecary bottles, while the ruby reds are likely from pre-1967 tail lights.


Glass Beach consists of three individual bays that were all used as trash sites for decades. Climb to the top of the cliffs around the northernmost beach and enjoy a picnic with your family. Appreciate the panoramic views of the ocean, with its many rocks and tiny islands that rise above the foamy water.

Stroll along this multicolored beach with your family and friends. Feel the cool sensation of the waves on your feet on a warm day. Spot the small yellow endangered Menzies’ wallflower that grows here.

Note that the three dump sites operated from 1906 until 1967. Over the years, programs were put in place to undo the environmental damage and much of the metal and other non-biodegradable items were sold as scrap. The force of the waves broke down the remaining pottery and glass into small jewels.

Glass Beach overlooks the Pacific Ocean in the northwestern corner of Fort Bragg. It is just south of Pudding Creek and stands at the end of the Glass Beach Trail that runs from the town center. Leave your car in the parking lot at the intersection between the trail and the nearest road. The beach is open at all times and is free to enter.

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