Arriving at White Pocket inside Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, you are initially struck by the contrast of white rock in smoothly rounded mounds and cliff edges, dotted with two imperial looking spherical beehives rock cones – well these bees would be on steroids as the cones are 20-30 feet tall and no animal built them – just the wind, rain and sandblasting over millions of years.

Most striking of all, wave like pink, yellow and white candy striped rock faces greet you as if someone enormous took a big spatula full of soft molten Brighton Rock and drew it in perfect lines of pink and white across the rock, then swirled it around and around into great balls of yellow, pink and white, shaping swirling rocks, cones and giant sweets of rock.

White Pocket is an incredible place with wave rock and more, yet there are no permits required to visit it and frankly, almost no people there.

It’s a national monument which means you are allowed to roam freely around it and walk wherever you wish – in fact we saw maybe only two professional photographers there plus us. The place was basically deserted so we had this jaw dropping work of nature all to ourselves. How rare in this world to find such a treat and get it all to yourself!

According to Source of photos: internet