Wolverine is a renowned brand that offers both safety and soft-toe boots. They are an American company that has improved customers’ work boot experience using contemporary design and modern, direct-attached construction.

Krause believed in the opportunity for business in the USA, so he founded Wolverine in Michigan 39 years before Danner boots were made. It all started in 1883 when he opened a small leather tannery with only a couple of employees. With uncompromising craftsmanship, they made work boots and gloves known for their durability and comfort.

Wolverine has been making around 300 boots per day in their new factory by 1903. In the same year, their successful business moved to Rockford, which is still their home today. After 40 years in business, Wolverine was still focusing on boots, which led to significant growth before the Great Depression. During the Great Depression, Wolverine didn’t fire any employees, whereas other companies were struggling to keep it up in the same way.

When using horse skin became more expensive and demanding in the 1950s, Wolverine developed a new technique and launched a new brand called Hush Puppies. In the 1960s, they were worn by one out of every ten Americans. And since the production couldn’t keep up with the demand, Wolverine opened a new factory in Canada. In 1964, the company changed its name to Wolverine World Wide, Inc. and in 1965 became a publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Thirty years later, Wolverine research labs started to introduce breakthrough innovations, and Durashocks technology was one of them. Wolverine called it a comfort technique because it can absorb shock incredibly well and send the compressed energy back to the feet. This way, you feel much lighter and can work longer with extra comfort.

Wolverine’s initial manufacturing started in Michigan, and some models are manufactured there even today. It’s based out of the cooperate offices in Waltham and Rockford Michigan. Besides Michigan, Wolverine boots are also made in several other factories across the USA. The USA-made Wolverine boots include work boots, steel toe hiking boots, and 1000-mile boots.

However, the majority of their production is executed in the Asia-Pacific region and central and South America. They also have offices in the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, and Germany, and the manufacturing of Wolverine boots in Europe is monitored by these offices.

The offices in China, India, Vietnam, and Thailand play this role in pacific Asia. They also have an office in Canada and footprints in 200 different countries.

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