Located just minutes outside the Historic French Quarter, our facility os the oldest still-operating rum distillery in the continental United States. Old New Orleans Rum comes out of the back streets of our legendary Ninth Ward neighborhood. The founder, James Michalopoulos, is a renowned painter and sculptor who visually defines New Orleans.

In 1995, James got together artists, master brewmasters, and a couple of clever engineers to create a locally-produced masterpiece. Rum was a natural choice and they endeavored to keep it natural. For example, sugar cane is usually pressed several times producing less and less sweet syrup; unlike other rum-makers, we use only the first two pressings.

The  Distillation source is molasses locally and its barrels are American Oak, charred and used only once before by fine whiskey-makers. Celebration Distillation’s rum is created batch-by-batch in a 150-year-old cotton warehouse. The Distillate is committed to an extraordinary customer experience, supporting its local economy, and creating a rum worthy of the celebration that is New Orleans.

The distillery was hit especially hard during Hurricane Katrina. Since, their products have achieved acclaim in many circles. In 2016, their “King Creole” 20 year blend garnered the highest ranking for rum ever given by the independent, impartial Beverage Tasting Institute. In addition to rum, they produce a carbonated rum and ginger drink with a touch of cayenne called “Gingeroo.” The distillery offers public tours and hosts many private events.

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