The company was found by brothers, William Bevin, Chauncey Bevin, and Abner Bevin in 1832. They were later joined by a fourth brother, Philo Bevin.

The business’s website states it produced the first foot gong used in an automobile (the bell was patented in 1897). The foot gong is a bell that was beneath the floor of early automobiles and was rung by pressing it with your foot. It has since been replaced by the car horn.

Through the years more than 30 companies have made bells in East Hampton earning it the nickname of “Bell Town.” Bevin Brothers is the only remaining bell manufacturer in East Hampton and still remains in the Bevin family. Through the years it has made sleigh bells, house bells, cow bells, sheep bells, door bells, and ship’s bells.

Perhaps the company’s greatest challenge came early in the 21st century. On May 27, 2012, a lightning strike sparked a fire that destroyed the Bevin Brothers’ historic bell factory. Moving a quarter-mile away and rehiring a substantial portion of the company’s employees, the family-run concern resumed bell production in less than 6 months. Today, the company continues its operations in East Hampton, shipping out cow bells, bells for nursing homes, and thousands of bells to the Salvation Army. As of 2019, it had 19 employees, and was reported to make 1.2 million bells in 200 varieties.

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