Like so many great American business stories,  King’s Chandelier Co starts as a family business housed in an outbuilding of an old house, in a very small town. The King family was quite prominent in what was then known as Leaksville and operated, among other things, an antique store.

DF King, Sr. had a passion for gasoliers and enjoyed the challenge of converting them for use with electricity. With an “aha” moment, he decided to design his own crystal chandeliers, and King’s Chandelier Company was born.

From that moment of ingenuity to now, the company has grown from a small mail order business to a destination shopping experience and one of a kind on-line store.

The company’s factory is still located in the same town as the early days, but that town is now called Eden. At King’s Chandelier, the company’s simple motto is “We want you to look at your chandelier and LOVE it!” 

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