Jim Beam is an American brand of bourbon whiskey produced in Clermont, Kentucky, by Beam Suntory. It is one of the best-selling brands of bourbon in the world. Since 1795 (interrupted by Prohibition), seven generations of the Beam family have been involved in whiskey production for the company that produces the brand. The brand name became “Jim Beam” in 1943 in honor of James B. Beam, who rebuilt the business after Prohibition ended. Previously produced by the Beam family and later owned by the Fortune Brands holding company, the brand was purchased by Suntory Holdings in 2014.


The liquid that we know today as Jim Beam® Bourbon got its start as Old Tub® Bourbon, a creation of Jacob Beam in 1795. It was at the Old Tub Distillery that the eponymous Jim Beam got his first training as a distiller under the tutelage of his father, David M. Beam. When Jim Beam went to re-open the distillery after prohibition in 1934, he found that he no longer owned the rights to the name Old Tub® Bourbon. Regardless, Jim forged a bourbon and brand that recreated the historic taste of Old Tub®, renaming it “Colonel James B. Beam” and, later, “Jim Beam® Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey”. The rest is history.

Jim Beam Whiskey has a medium-bodied, mellow, as well as hints of vanilla and caramel flavor with oaky vanilla and spicy backdrop scent. It is perfect for every occasion and has versatile usages. The Jim Beam Distillery uses the same tradition Bourbon mash bill (corn, rye, & malted barley), for all their Bourbons. The exact percentages of each grain in the mash bill is not publicly disclosed by the company. Jim Beam Bourbon comes off the still at 135 proof (67.5% ABV), and has a barrel entry proof of 125 (62.5% ABV).

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