Only a few people dare to bungee jump off the Royal Gorge Bridge. If you would like to be one of them, you have to sign up in advance. Thrill seekers only can enjoy this unique experience once a year during a special event. Find out more about what makes bungee jumping at this bridge so special!

Yes, bungee jumping off the Royal Gorge Bridge is legal. But, it is only allowed during special events that are organized by the bridge operators. The Go Fast Games are an annual 3-day event that is typically held in September and allows base jumpers and bungee jumpers to jump legally and safely.

It spans the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River and is 1,053 feet (around 321 meters) tall at its highest point. It is the tallest bridge in the United States. The bridge was completed in 1929 and was an impressive engineering feat at the time. It was originally built for automobile traffic, but it now serves as a pedestrian bridge. The bridge has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

The bungee jump is a quick and exhilarating experience. Participants wear a harness that is attached to a bungee cord, which is then connected to the bridge. They then step off of the platform and plummet towards the river below. The bungee cord catches them and propels them back up into the air before they fall again. This process repeats itself several times until the participant is finally lowered back down to the platform. The entire experience only lasts a few seconds, but it is certain to give you a rush! The view at this location is especially unique, and not many people can say they have jumped off the highest bridge in the U.S.

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