This unique hands-on workshop allows you to create your own graffiti art project with the help of an authentic NYC graffiti artist. Learn the tips and techniques of aerosol art, from fill-ins to masterpieces, as you immerse yourself in graffiti art culture.

The workshop takes place in our beautiful Brooklyn art studio in the heart of Bushwick. Cultivating creative thought and a welcoming environment, this experience is designed for all ages and talent levels. Leave this workshop with a greater understanding of this still misunderstood craft, and take your newly created work home!

The workshop will cover the most essential aspects of graffiti writing, which include creating your “Tag.” This consists of spraying your name in a unique attractive format, which will serve as your personal logo.

Participants’ final street artwork can be customized to suit a theme or idea (for example: school name, birthday greeting, company logo, New York City theme, etc). Then the canvas is yours to take home!

The workshop usually takes place in Brooklyn, New York City or a location that you provide.

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