Want a unique and educational experience unlike anything you’ve done before? Get hands-on in a real live beehive! Learn about how these amazing bees work so hard to provide us with food and help our environment. 

The Beehive tour welcomes all foodies, gardeners, adventurers, future beekeepers, and anyone who is curious to experience the wonderful world of bees. Your team will be led by professional Beekeepers you will suit up in protective gear for our hands-on apiary where 4,100,000 bees are kept. On the tour, you will see the inner workings of the hives. You will light a bee smoker to help calm the bees buzzing around.

Hive experiences are for ages 14 and up. During this experience, you will put on a full protective bee suit and will go through a hive inspection with a beekeeper. 

You will learn how bees make honey, the importance of honey bee pollination, various honey bee types, difficulties facing the modern beekeeper, how to inspect a hive, and taste different honey samples from the largest tasting bar in the midwest.

According to  wildharvesthoney.com; the Source of photo: internet