Crystal River is a terrific vacation destination year-round. Known mostly for its’s manatee population, it is also a terrific place for scalloping in Florida.  Scalloping Crystal River is a fun relaxing way to spend time on the water.  It is a great family activity, old and young alike can participate.  Spend your warm summer days in the cool waters. Dive into the clear waters and catch the excitement as you reap the treasures of the sea.

Searching for scallops is so much fun, some people just can’t get enough! With the 4-hour scallop excursion, you will accompany Master Captain out to the shallow grass beds of the Gulf of Mexico and you will be amazed at the sights! 

Take a leisurely day out of your hectic vacation and relax with us in the sunshine. Rich with scallops and teaming with wildlife, Citrus County is one of the last places in Florida where you can collect scallops that are both fun to find and delicious to eat! The tour Captains are highly qualified for both the manatee encounter and the scalloping trip so you are in good hands and will have a phenomenal time!

Dive in and have fun catching scallops! According to local fishing guidelines, each person is allotted a maximum catch of two gallons, with a maximum of ten gallons per boat per day. Don’t worry – two gallons is more than enough to fill you up!

Scallops are great when eaten fresh! After your scalloping trip, head to one of the fish-cleaning stations at the port. These stations offer to clean, prepare, and cook your catch for you for a small price. Your charter may also offer to do these services for you as part of your tour package.

When planning a scalloping activity, you should know exactly where you’re going, when you’re going, and what to do when you get there. Crystal River is one of the best places to visit for scalloping – a fun and relaxing activity that people of every age, with or without diving experience, can easily enjoy.

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