Have you ever wanted to experience what it’s like walking on an ocean floor and exploring all its secrets and wonders? UnderWater World Guam’s SeaTREK activity is the perfect thing for you to try out. Friendly for participants with no prior swimming or diving experience, this helmet diving tour is dubbed as the largest underwater walking program in the whole world.

All SeaTREK tours begin with a short health questionnaire and completion of a liability release, followed by an orientation and video safety briefing. Soon you are ready to descend a vertical ladder and find yourself immersed in the underwater realm, walking on the “ocean floor” in near weightlessness. Vibrant marine life comfortably swims around you as you discover the beauty and majesty of this remarkable environment.

SeaTREK underwater helmet diving tour is the largest underwater walking program in the world, with insured safety standards and a certification program for all SeaTREK staff members. Stroll through the artificial ocean floor and witness multiple sea creatures swim around you – an experience like you’ve never had before. Tours focus on education and entertainment, teaching guests about our fragile marine ecosystem in a way that is fun, engaging and most of all memorable.

What’s great about this package is that not only can you try SeaTREK but you can also make use of the 3-day UnderWater World Ocean Safari pass that’s included. It’s a sure steal if you love everything about the sea and are interested in learning everything you can about it.

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