There is nothing more magical than swimming with manta rays in the moonlight. Gear up for an evening of snorkeling with these graceful ocean creatures off the Kona coast. Board the boat at the Honokohau Marina near Kailua-Kona. As you motor to the snorkeling destination, learn everything there is to know about manta rays from the knowledgeable guides. 

During the manta ray night snorkel you will spend your time in the water looking down while holding on to a flotation device. Bright lights are projected down into the water to attract plankton. The manta rays feed on this plankton and come very close to the water surface while feeding.

Once there, the strobe lights from the boat will illuminate the water, attracting plankton for the rays to feed on. Jump in the water beside these gentle rays as they glide through the ocean. Swim up-close to several of these amazing marine creatures. You’ve never had a snorkeling experience like this!

The 2.5-hour tour is guaranteed to be a highlight of your trip. Tours run every night and offer an earlier or a later snorkel tour. Just bring a towel and a change of clothes – the snorkel gear and fins are included.

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