There are three types of tour Warner Bros. Studio offers: (1) first tour – they used to show the studio to friends and special guests and their employees used to give tours to them; (2) public tour – after encountering financial difficulties in 1972, Warner Bros. began to provide a tour for the general public; (3) VIP studio tour – this tour was generally provided for celebrities.

Guests begin in the Storytelling Showcase, which welcomes and orients them to the Studio, its history, and its tremendous breadth of work in film and television.

From the introduction of Warner Bros.’ history to then experiencing the scale of the lot and learning how the studio’s iconic shows and films are made, guests return for the new finale experience: Action and Magic Made Here. 

Divided into two major areas of Warner Bros.’ most popular film franchises – one dedicated to the heroes and villains of DC Comics and the other showcasing the magic of the Wizarding World—guests are immersed into iconic moments, sets, and artifacts from their favorite DC and Harry Potter films. 

From a recreation of Batman’s Batcave to vignettes of each Justice League member, the DC superheroes are brought to life with custom media and interactives, unique photo-ops, and never-before-displayed film artifacts, including the Batwing. 

In the neighboring Wizarding World area, visitors can link their online accounts and be sorted into their house with the Sorting Hat, test their potion-making skills with interactive cauldrons, or explore Newt’s shed and the magical creatures from the Fantastic Beasts films.

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