Most of us run from tornadoes, or would at least, but others chase them. You can too, depart from twister-prone Oklahoma. The inclusive trip actually lasts several days and traverses to other states, in hopes that guests get to see a massive, extreme storm up close. 

The meteorologists leading the adventure have one priority first, safety. But then it’s about driving into hellishly awesome cloud formations and ferocious weather events, in a state-of-the-art storm-chasing vehicle.

Extreme Tornado Tours began in 2008 when the founder Reed Timmer of Discovery Channel’s television show “Storm Chasers” also known for being the most prolific storm chaser on the planet, created a way for storm enthusiasts from all over the world to join in on these storm chasing experiences firsthand. Since founding Extreme Tornado Tours has grown to be one of the leading tour companies in industry, and certainly the most popular among clients and the storm chasing community alike.

Each tour van holds 6 guests affording each a comfortable window seat without crowding. The vans are equipped with Sirius XM radio, power banks for guests with USB and home-style power. The tour has onboard high-quality computer systems that operate radars and navigation, all within view of the guest via 17″ HD monitors. 

The tour’s professional storm chasers who drive the vehicles are educated, experienced, and have your safety as their number one priority. Their goal is to give you the best opportunity in your lifetime to witness the beauty of Tornado Alley and get as close as possible to Mother Nature’s magnificent storms. Bring your cameras, as these are once-in-a-lifetime memories you will want to capture!

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