Explore behind the gates of Kennedy Space Center as part of a small group with a veteran NASA astronaut guide. Discover the birthplace of America’s space program with an experienced space explorer by your side as you tour Space Shuttle Atlantis® and blast off on Shuttle Launch Experience®, along with touring the iconic sites of Kennedy Space Center by motor coach. Savor a private catered lunch with the astronaut and your group as well.

Gather at the entrance to Heroes and Legends at 9:15 a.m. for a preflight briefing, and then the countdown to exploration begins. (Guests will receive badges and specialized listening devices.)

As a newly recruited crew member, you will enter Heroes and Legends to be welcomed by your private tour guide, a veteran NASA astronaut. Once you learn what it takes to become an astronaut and get to know the pioneering astronauts of the early space program, you will board a private bus with your astronaut for a tour of their journey from land to space.

After your journey behind NASA’s gates, you will be taken back to the visitor complex to enjoy a catered lunch with your astronaut guide. During this time, they will reflect on their personal accounts and experiences, which will be followed by questions and answers from the group. You will also receive a special pin before moving on to the next part of your experience.

Next, you will enter Space Shuttle Atlantis® for a guided tour and a private viewing of the pre-shows, The Flight and Coming Home. Then, board the Shuttle Launch Experience® to feel what it’s like to launch into space on a shuttle traveling 17,500mph, accompanied by a veteran NASA astronaut!

At the end of the tour, approximately 2:15 PM, continue on to a waiting bus to tour the Apollo/Saturn V Center on your own.

According to kennedyspacecenter.com. Source of photos: internet